Is Vaping The Same As Smoking? Smoking versus Vaping

Therapists are starting to get calls from smokers who thought that vaping would sort them out, the magic bullet but now vapers are getting fed up with it and want to quit. It might be the fumes or the money or simply that there comes a time to stop, to put all that stuff behind you.

Although switching from  normal cigarettes to electronic  cigarettes is clearly a no brainer there are still the downsides of keeping the addiction going. Pleasure is one thing but addiction is another, surely?

Vaping side steps the issue of health but not addiction. You can dress up vaping as much as you like but it is still getting a fix for which you MUST keep getting at important times during the day. You can call it habit if you like but it is a fix all the same.

As a therapist who has been dealing with clients and their addictions for the last 15 years, the question often arises. What do you want to do?

And for some it is  to quit smoking, call it vaping, call it what you like but do you want to keep the addiction going?




Stopping Smoking Reduces Anxiety says new research

New research out today shows that stopping smoking actually reduces anxiety, which is the very opposite that smokers fear when they think of quitting.

This research lend more weight to the concept that nicotine addiction messes with your mind and that the addiction keeps you in a state of fear about stopping. One of the central fears about stopping smoking is the effect on anxiety levels and the ability to relax without a cigarette.

My previous post criticised the new ad campaign for setting up a false choice between your health and smoking. This new evidence released today adds weight to a  possible campaign that does not involve health and would do away with scare tactics. The simple fact is that when people stop smoking, all the worries about what might  be lost as a non smoker fade like smoke rings! 

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Why the new Stop Smoking Ad Campaign is flawed…again.

The UK government has just spent 2.7 million quid on an ad campaign to dissuade people from smoking. Sound like a good idea? Well, nearly.

If they had asked me…and they didn’t… I would have tried to prevent them from using the tired old scare tactic that smoking causes cancer.

It seems like a good idea to tell people that smoking gives you cancer and you dont want cancer so….stop smoking. The trouble with this approach is that it doesnt get to the real appeal of smoking: the fact that smokers believe that smoking helps them in their lives.

Every time a smoker reaches for a cigarette they are making the trade off between the chance of getting cancer on one hand and getting relief on the other hand. The new stop smoking ad campaign only plays into that argument. The reason that people continue to smoke despite the risks of cancer is that they think that its worth the risk. Smokers are very aware of those risks and spending another 2.7 million on ramming that message home doesn’t help things much.

We all  make trade offs about the risks and benefits to our actions. Would you risk cancer if you could get a life long addition to your life which helped you feel good, helped you relax or helped you with confidence and time for yourself? Well I wouldn’t blame you if you said yes! This is the false trade-off that is reinforced by the efforts to hi-light the dangers of smoking.

OK clever clogs, so what’s your suggestion?

Focus the campaign on the fact that smoking is a nothing. Smoking gives you nothing, it does not help you in any way whatsoever. All the so called benefits to smoking are an illusion. It takes guts to tackle the issue of ‘what does smoking do for you’ which is why the government has shied away from it and just gone for the scare tactic.

Create a campaign around the pointlessness of smoking, the empty lie that smoking creates relaxation or confidence or ‘goes with a pint’. Tackle each false promise that smoking tries to make and demolish the arguments one by one.

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Do not reward yourself for stopping smoking!

Do not reward yourself for stopping smoking!

I just read a stop smoking blog that said you should give yourself a gift for continuing not to smoke.

This is a trap set by the nicotine monster! Beware the manipulative nature of addiction!

What the reward is doing is fooling you into thinking that you are losing something from being an ex-smoker and you need to compensate for this loss by giving yourself a present.

Stopping smoking gets you back to normal, you are not missing out on anything and do not need to reward yourself for not smoking. It plays into the hands of that sneaky addictive voice that says that your are being ‘good’ for not smoking and that one day soon you will be back ‘enjoying’ all the great things about smoking that your reward system tried to hide.

Stopping smoking is its own reward. Getting back to normal is enough for you. Do not reward yourself for quitting smoking.

By the way. If you want to buy yourself a present, be my guest. You probably deserve a little pampering just for good measure

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Getting the best help to Stop Smoking in London

The new year is the most popular time for thinking about stopping smoking according to Google trends.

So hey presto my new blog appears!

I love doing stop smoking sessions. Why? Because the sessions are usually tough but very satisfying as the client makes the journey from smoker to ex-smoker.

CBT ideas and story telling and hypnotherapy techniques combine to create a compelling mindset to feel that you can stop smoker and put your smoking days behind you.

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