Trump Anxiety in the Huffington Post

Trump Anxiety is sweeping the nation.


Here is my piece just out in the Huffington Post.


Stopping Smoking Reduces Anxiety says new research

New research out today shows that stopping smoking actually reduces anxiety, which is the very opposite that smokers fear when they think of quitting.

This research lend more weight to the concept that nicotine addiction messes with your mind and that the addiction keeps you in a state of fear about stopping. One of the central fears about stopping smoking is the effect on anxiety levels and the ability to relax without a cigarette.

My previous post criticised the new ad campaign for setting up a false choice between your health and smoking. This new evidence released today adds weight to a  possible campaign that does not involve health and would do away with scare tactics. The simple fact is that when people stop smoking, all the worries about what might  be lost as a non smoker fade like smoke rings! 

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