Is Vaping The Same As Smoking? Smoking versus Vaping

Therapists are starting to get calls from smokers who thought that vaping would sort them out, the magic bullet but now vapers are getting fed up with it and want to quit. It might be the fumes or the money or simply that there comes a time to stop, to put all that stuff behind you.

Although switching from  normal cigarettes to electronic  cigarettes is clearly a no brainer there are still the downsides of keeping the addiction going. Pleasure is one thing but addiction is another, surely?

Vaping side steps the issue of health but not addiction. You can dress up vaping as much as you like but it is still getting a fix for which you MUST keep getting at important times during the day. You can call it habit if you like but it is a fix all the same.

As a therapist who has been dealing with clients and their addictions for the last 15 years, the question often arises. What do you want to do?

And for some it is  to quit smoking, call it vaping, call it what you like but do you want to keep the addiction going?